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I give the bane of my life a name - that name is WORK. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
I give the bane of my life a name - that name is WORK.
This morning started so well... I woke up just before the alarm and didn't have that "just one more hour" feeling. I got up, was prevented from showering for a couple minutes while the window cleaners did their bit, showered, shaved, ate a breakfast (just toast - but that a first in ages), burned a CD to listen to on the way into work and sorted out my training in EVE for the morning.

Best of all - I managed to leave for work on time! That's quite an accomplishment - for me.

The downhill ride can never last for ever... I got to the station to see a train pull away. Fifteen minutes later the next train arrives... already I'm running late! No Metro to be found in the carriage I chose, which makes it very difficult to check the crossword answers I didn't get yesterday. I rake around in my rucksack to find I'd left the book I was reading out. At least I have some new tunes to keep my mind occupied on the way into work!

There was a return to the downhill ride when I found a discarded Metro at Liverpool Street... so I can check my answers on the way home... and try today’s crossword!

Now I sit here in work... too busy to visit the pub as I would usually do on a Friday... too busy to check my friends page... and if the truth be known - too busy to be updating this! For every task I complete it seems two more appear on my list. I'm being buried alive in a mountain of work.

It'll get worse next week... much worse... and the week after is looking bad too.

Current Mood: busy

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