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Let's go fly a kite... - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Let's go fly a kite...
Misty was out on Friday night. I was "Home Alone!" So I grabbed the DVD player, took it and a couple of low quality films into the office and watch them whilst playing my new computer game.

I felt soooo pampered!

Just so you know how bad the films were: Biggles, Kickboxer, and last (but by no means least) Welcome to Collinwood. (This last one was actually a halfway decent film - "all star cast" and damn funny!)

The new game is Age of Mythology (an Age of Empires clone/Sequel). I have managed to get about 10 or so levels into the campaign. I love the AoE type games and would rate this a 5/5.

Just after midnight Misty gave me a call so I could go pick her up from the station. When I returned I couldn't help but play another level or two... so we got to bed rather late Friday.

Saturday, therefore, started later that usual! I hadn't planned on doing much this weekend - I've been busy at work and needed the time to zone out. I did require a hair cut, and Misty required some shopping to make more Pies™! With strategic precision I entered the barbers whilst Misty made a run for the Co-Op. On our way back from a successful mission we rewarded ourselves with bounty from the bakers.

The weather wasn't particularly good, but it was not raining (any more) and the wind was a stiff breeze (but not constant). I had an idea... it was about time I got to fly my new kite! We popped into the 'rents to pick up Bianca (we'd bought her a kite too) and Jo to set off to Brettons.

I've never really flown a kite before. As children we must have got the cheap ones while at the sea side. I'm sure I remember trying desperately to get this flimsy piece of bin liner tacked to some Balsa wood to fly. I vaguely remember failure.

Bianca's kite is a butterfly with a single line. We assembled this one first (as Bianca has the attention span of said butterfly) so Bianca could play whilst we made up the others. We launched it and it flew - first time! It would have stayed in the air the entire time we was in the field if it wasn't for Biance running around - sometimes in the same direction of the wind. I'm still not sure I was able to get the science of kite flying into her head. She did calm down after a while - and there was no screaming matches - so I guess the day was a total success as far as she was concerned.

We assembled Misty's next, and got that into the air. Misty's is a stunt kite (two lines) and is not quite so easy to keep in the air. Luckily Jo was there to assist!

Finally I assembled mine. I also had a stunt kite, and keeping it in the air was difficult. I think the wind was not quite strong enough to start - as when it picked up a little later flying was made considerably easier.

Jo managed to get the Butterfly up as far as the line would go. It's a really beautiful kite (I'll have to take my camera next time) and so easy to play with. Misty had mastered hers by now and managed a few spectacular stunts. My kite had been temporarily absconded by first Jo, then Bianca. I stole it back when the wind picked up and managed to get mine to the end of it's lines. With a strong(ish) wind the pull when you make it turn and dive is fantastic. I had a great time.

After an hour or so, with the weather fast approaching, we called it a day.

When we got home Misty remembered she had forgotten to get the Lee & Perrins! I called the 'rents and ransomed Bianca for a bottle. It was only after mum hesitated on the phone for a moment that I realised my mistake! - I should have told them I'd give her back if they didn't give me the sauce! (I'm kidding... really... she's not that bad all the time!)

I walked Bianca home whilst Misty made more Pies™

Saturday night we played games. Misty played a new one we downloaded from Real Arcade - I played a couple more levels of Age of Mythology. I wimped out early (just after midnight) but Misty was still going strong when I fell asleep.

Sunday started just before midday. A trip into Romford was required to change my suit trousers. The label in the old pair said it was a 32" waist - but it was not. All my other suit trousers are 32" and they seem to fit ok - this new pair I could hardly get over my hips - and the button and button hole were separated by at least an inch and a half - maybe closer to two.

We found a 34" pair on the rack and I tried them on in the store this time. They fit ok (they are about as tight as my usual trousers) so they must all be labelled up wrong! I refuse to be a 34" waist!

We had a foot-long sub between us for lunch and popped into the newly renovated Spoons. It's the same old pub with a lick of paint and a new carpet. This is not a bad thing - I like the sameness... it feels like home. The lick of paint and new carpet where also both in need.

We popped in to see the 'rents later that day. After watching The Boat (Das Boot) episode 1 on the telly we made our way home. I've seen the film before (directors cut on DVD) and was amazed to see the same actors and most of the same footage, but with extra bits I didn't recognise. The only explanation I could think of was the film and series were filmed together, the film just being a cut version of the series. When I got home and checked with the film oracle I saw they were indeed both filmed in 1981 with an identical cast.

I have to say this is must see film. Seeing this is a reminder that no matter what "side" you are on - the majority of the people doing the fighting are just that - people. Most want nothing more than to go home. For many of the U-boat crews this never happened (of the 40,000 U-boat crew who went to sea less than 25% returned.)

After we got home I watched the last half of Top Gear whilst Misty made fajitas stuff. I fell in love with a car that costs almost as much as my house. I wonder what living in a car would be like?

We retired to the office where I played yet another couple of levels of Age of Mythology. That game is just addictive! Poor old EVE didn't get a looking this weekend. I shall have to make it up to her in the coming week - I promise!

Current Mood: happy happy
Current Music: "Let's go fly a kite - Mary Poppins et al " on loop in my head...

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wan1 From: wan1 Date: May 10th, 2004 06:44 am (UTC) (Link)

Coming to terms with expansion.......

Who yer kiddin' lad? I've seen you in the buff!!! Definitely a 34inch waist!!!
paranoidandroid From: paranoidandroid Date: May 10th, 2004 07:39 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Coming to terms with expansion.......

I was definately not a 34" waist the last time you saw me in the buff... I doubt I was a 24" waist! :p

AND... AND ... there is no way I'm a 34" waist now! These trousers are sized wrong.
wan1 From: wan1 Date: May 10th, 2004 03:21 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Coming to terms with expansion.......

You had a very deicate 18inch waist. But mine was nearer 34"- much as it is now!! Another inch and I'd be classed as clinically obese, according to the dietician boffs. You,however, wont be considered fat until your middle bit reaches 40". Long, long way to go yet!!!
tweezlebum From: tweezlebum Date: May 10th, 2004 09:29 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Coming to terms with expansion.......

As much as I'd like to make jokes involving such topics as "who ate all the pies?" and certain Wallace & Gromit films, I suppose I do have to back him here. All his other trousers are 32", and they fit him perfectly. I can't imagine that men's trousers would "run small" like women's sizes, would they? I mean, the sizes are the measurements?
wan1 From: wan1 Date: May 10th, 2004 03:15 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Coming to terms with expansion.......

Yes. The sizes are definitely the measurements.Perhaps the first trousers were just a dud pair. I know I can differ between 3 sizes. Bit of a bitch when I have to buy the EXTRA large. But hey-hoe that's life.
The pizzas were absolutely gorgeous-thanks to the wonderful crust. I want a bread maker now!! See what you've started me on.
5 comments or Leave a comment