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Of La-la and Minx and Blaise... - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Of La-la and Minx and Blaise...
I should really try to remember to update a little more.

Friday I worked from home. I managed to get a fair bit done before I was distracted by the many other things I'd rather be doing at home. I played a fair bit of Force Commander Friday evening.

Saturday La-la and Colin arrived (late) and we travelled to Victoria station to meet the Minx and Blaise. The District line was closed so we had to go around the houses... but we did manage to get there - just 2 hours later than agreed.

After a couple of beers in the Spoons there was a visit to Ann Summers(!), then we wandered over to the Shakespeare for a proper drinking session. Colin left to go get some music, then left us altogether when he got back. There was merriment, sexshop produce, and beer - a fantastic day. The journey home wasn't too bad, maybe I was just a little too drunk to care.

La-la had come back with us and stayed the night. She was up and gone by the time we surfaced on Sunday... at a respectable 10:30! Sunday was spent playing computer games for the most part.

Monday was a Bank Holiday! You've just got to love bank holidays!

After some EVE, Misty and I went to visit the 'rents. As usual (no matter what time we visit) Mum was cooking dinner. In some bizarre coincidence mum had cooked the meal Misty had planned to. Just as well as the smell was mouth watering and I'd have wanted some!

After getting home and eating I played a little more Force Commander - and Finally finished it. I can get back to concentrating on EVE now. :)
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