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Lazy weekend... - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Lazy weekend...
The weekend started early for me... Friday I worked from home. Originally I had intended to bring in St George cookies for my work colleagues, but they didn't work out quite as planned - so I stayed home and celebrated St George’s day in a proper English manner... with tea and toast! Friday evening I had a pint or two - but as the only English beer available in the Good Intent was John Smiths - I passed and had Guinness instead.

Saturday: Misty and I went for a walk across Bretons Farm. It was a beautiful day, perhaps a little on the hot side for me especially when the wind died. Hopes of flying my new kite were dashed as the wind barely got up to 5 mph.

It was the perfect day for flying remote controlled aeroplanes - and there were a bunch of people do that very thing. At one time there were four in the air locked, it seemed, in mock dog fights. As two of them got closer and closer I wondered how they didn't crash into each other... when they crashed into each other! The thwack was followed by both planes spiralling to the ground... one lost a wing in the air, the other broke in three as it hit the floor. The other two planes seemed to keep a fair distance apart from that point on. Perhaps only due to the fact there was more room in the sky!

We walked past the lake where Dad and I fished. It was overgrown, full of nettles, and there was rubbish everywhere. Fires had been started and the signs had been spay painted. It was a little depressing - one more childhood memory tainted by the world of today’s hooligans.

The EVE servers where upgraded on Friday, and Saturday there were lots of troubles getting online... and lag was at an all time high. I didn't bother to sign in at all - Misty did manage to get online in the evening.

I found an old game (Warzone 2100) and a patch that enables it to run on XP. I had never got far on the campaigns - they seemed to get very hard too quickly. I read the website that hosted the patch - there was a walkthrough and tips. Using just a couple of these I was able to finish the game! The secret is to recycle your troops rather than keep creating new troops. This way they keep their skills and are a lot more effective! The last level was almost impossible - it ended up being a race to create units as fast as they were being destroyed... it was close - I lost every trained unit I had - but I was victorious!

Sunday saw a chance meeting of Bednobs. He was coming home from work (on a Sunday!) and told me he hasn't been in the Elm Park for ages. Perhaps the Old Dog has changed... I think the effect his new girlfriend is having on him is a good one. Misty and I wander over to the shops to get some rolls for the BBQ! A sure sign that summer is on it's way.

We popped in to see the 'rents later in the afternoon. I switched off the messaging service that XP comes with on Dad's laptop. Mum had been getting rude messages pop up as she played online. As I was downloading a virus checker there was about 4 or 5 popups! I have never had the problem with the machines at home as I have a firewall, so trying to remember how to disable the messenger was a trial. I finally remembered a site that had a little utility to switch it off.

At some point I'll have to get some firewall software installed on Dad's machine - either than or get a hardware firewall for them. - I have one at home - it just needs to be installed.

Sunday evening we ignored the computers in favour of watching the TV. Misty watched the last half of Bicentennial Man whilst I burned meat on the BBQ. Then we watched Striking Distance - a film I had seen before, but I don’t mind the occasional mindless violence, especially if there is a bit of a thriller plot in the background. Eye candy in the shape of Sarah Jessica Parker isn't to be sniffed at either!

During the film we attacked a nice bottle of wine. We are going to keep note on the different wines, so when we come to order more we'll know which ones it was we liked! Previously we've just drunk them... so ordering has become a problem.

After the film Misty retired upstairs while I watched a daft show about car police car chases. Misty said it best when she wondered who caused the most accidents - the "offenders" (some just had a ticket outstanding - or no road tax) and the police chasing them. Surely if you know the car licence number - you can just turn up at their house later?

After that madness (I had to watch it - it was like a road accident!... er... it was a series of road accidents!) we went to bed. And now it's Monday morning again (or it was when I started writing this) and I'm back in work.

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tweezlebum From: tweezlebum Date: April 26th, 2004 04:32 am (UTC) (Link)
I didn't retire upstairs. I went upstairs to brush my teeth, but I watched most of the show. :P
From: volxan Date: June 14th, 2004 01:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
hi! Could you please give me the the place that you find the patch that enable warzone 2100 run on XP ?
almost three month i am already searching for this...
paranoidandroid From: paranoidandroid Date: June 16th, 2004 02:51 am (UTC) (Link)
I found the patch (and other invaluable information about running WZ2100 on XP) on this site.

There is something about an XP patch that stops the game working - I'll check to see if that's the case when I get home this evening.

You'll need a gamespy account (they are free) to download the patches - if you have any problems getting hold of it let me know and i'll upload the patch I got somewhere you can get it.

3 comments or Leave a comment