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Back to the world of work - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Back to the world of work
It's been a nice couple of weeks, working no more than 3 days at a time... but eventually the holiday period is over and the 5 day week rears its ugly head again.

There is to be a meeting of 'net-folk' next Saturday... I say 'net-folk' but of course a few of them have become very good friends. I have no idea who the invite list is, or indeed the venue, but I will get to see La-La for the first time since she got married, and Minxee since she got back from Wales. I'm sure the itinery for the day will be the usual (find a pub and drink till chucking out time!)

I have been playing EVE almost every spare moment I have.

I was a good boy yesterday, and sacrificed EVE time to get some of the house chores done. I washed clothes, ironed, and started to clean up a bit. I managed to get the living room half way decent before remembering I need to take the tree down. It was about then my enthusiasm wained. I'll take it down tonight.

I also had dinner at the 'rents. Lasagne and garlic bread. Mum really does do a fatastic Lasagne. I'm glad mum fed me as there is very little in the house in the way of food... well except for a freezer full of meat!

Best I get back to work now...

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