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A weeks catchup, Marks leaving bash, and a weekend in Margate. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
A weeks catchup, Marks leaving bash, and a weekend in Margate.
I've been neglecting you. I can see that. A summary of last week might go something like this:
Tuesday night I bowled the league match I missed the Thursday before the previous Thursday. Confused? - I am. We bowled particularly badly. I didn't make blind in the first game! Yet - we still won. The other team must have had an equally bad night. That's good for us. We get the points *and* our handicaps get a little boost. We should have played again this Thursday, but Ian's mum had a minor stroke, so he obviously wanted to go visit her in the hospital. We'll probably end up playing it in a couple weeks time - and we'll never catch up!
Wednesday I have no true recollection of, so either I was drunk outa my skull ... or it was a truly boring evening! Friday was Marks last day - so we had a few beverages, and I managed to come home drunk. Drunkeness of Friday evenings is not such a bad thing - it usually leads to interesting conversations with Misty <weg>

This weekend I met the darkwar bunch in Margate. We got a B&B and stayed Saturday night. Much drinking and merriment was had by all. I was a good boy and didn't do any of my usual party tricks, no snogging at all! ... I did manage to fall asleep fully clothed in front of the telly, so I slept on top of the bed all night. I currently feel shattered, it's almost like I didn't sleep at all.
Today was spent at dreamland. I went on the rollercoaster with Nos. We had two screaming girls sat behind us which takes the edge off the whole experience. I managed to get my ass whipped on the virtua fighter game by Nos. My story is the kick button was stuck on my side, and I'm sticking to it.

So now I'm talking to Misty. And it's only 12 days to go ! .....

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