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The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
All you need to know about the droid, but were afraid to ask... a work in progress
1) Why the Paranoid Android?
I don't remember the first time but it was while working at the UCD depot in Chadwell Heath that my work colleagues referred to me as Marvin. We were all Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy fans, and my pessimism and depressed wit reminded them of the mechanically depressed robot. When I first started online in 1993 I had to choose a "nick", and as Marvin would have been mistaken for a real name I chose what Zaphod had called him, the Paranoid Android.

2) But it's a Radiohead song! Do you like Radiohead?
It might be a radiohead song, but it was a character in the Hitch Hikers Guide years before! I am not a great fan of radiohead, but I will admit to liking a couple of tracks on "OK Computer" and "The Bends" albums. I was not so keen on the song call Paranoid Android because every radiohead fan in the world started asking me if I was a fan. It also means that when I sign up for a new account somewhere the chances of ParanoidAndroid being available are greatly reduced. I have not been able to confirm it yet, but I have read that the radiohead song was named after Marvin.

3) What is the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy?
The HHGTTG (HHG, H2G2, or "The Guide") started life as a 6 part radio play on the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) first broadcast on the 8th March 1978. The play was written by the late Douglas Adams, and Marvin the Paranoid Android was played by Stephen Moore, who sings the song Marvin. After the radio play came the first novel, in which (in the words of Douglas Adams) "some of the characters behaved in entirely different ways, and others acted in the same ways, but for entirely different reasons..." A second set of 6 episodes of radio play and 4 more books (a 'trilogy' in 5 parts) and a TV series all came along - and all contradicted each other in the most delightful way... so if you want the WHOLE truth... you'll have to listen, read, and watch the lot!! In 2005 the film finally made it to the big screens.

4) What are you into? What makes you tick?
It is always hard to sum up your entire feelings about life, the universe, and everything into a couple of paragraphs, but I will try. I'm a bit of a geek. I'm stubborn. I occasionaly fail to remember that my brain isn't really the size of a planet. I like computers and games. I love films. I'd die if there was no music. Good food and proper English beer make me happy. I was married for almost 3 years, but now we're separated. I'm proud to be English and British without it blinding me of my country's failings. I hate the people but love the person. I work in the Finance department of a bank doing project work. I'm a "Business Analyst" (whatever that means.) I love gadgets. I can't help using the ellipsis...

5) Crap that used to be in my Bio...

Jippy reminds me about all the important birthdays...

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