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Monday Bloody Monday - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Monday Bloody Monday
It's been a rare mixture of a day. It's started badly, as most Mondays do, with my sister hammering hell out of the bathroom door telling me she needs it because she's got to get Bianca to school. Like I care? What she really needs is to move back into her flat and leave me well alone. It's not like I spend forever in there! I got to work early - and managed to get a ton of work done by 12. We had a meeting in the afternoon about a job I've been waiting for information about for about 3 weeks now. We had the meeting - I added all this new info to the work I'd done this morning, and the day seemed like a total success! Unfortunately, I was a complete tosser and saved a blank file over the top of my work. I wiped out everything I'd done today. It was an "oh shit" moment. I managed to get about 80% of it back from memory, but I have the feeling the other 20% will always remain lost. I doubt if I'll get any more time from the people I need, it took me long enough to get it the first time round.

I got Thief of Time in the post this morning (Terry Pratchett's latest offering) I read a dozen pages or so today - and it's damn funny already. He is such a good writer.

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