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80's, le guillotine, and a severed hand. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
80's, le guillotine, and a severed hand.
I usually post about the weekend on Mondays (as it beats actually working), but I wasn't in work yesterday. But that's a long story, so I'll start near the beginning.

In the beginning there was nothing... fast-forward several billion years and Berone leaves JPMF to go on his round the world trip. To celebrate in style we go to The Lodge in Upminster. I have been to a couple of Christmas parties there, and the place brings back some fond memories, but it's a bit of a hole really. It's also bloody expensive!

The food was good, and I ate too much. The cabaret started appallingly, with a couple guys and a girl dancing to crap music, but the "main act" was very good. It was 80's night, (it was also ladies night it seemed with half a dozen hen nights/bacheloret parties) and the singer belted out all the cheesy 80's choons with the crowd singing along on the tops of their voices.

The ratio of women to men was amazing, as were some of the "costumes" these "ladies" were wearing. The beer was totally shyte (after paying £50 to get in, the beer was "free") and that cumulated with the over indulgence meant I had serious gut ache. After the main act it got back to shyte disco. I had hoped the 80's theme would prevail, but alas the disco was well and truly rooted in the here and now.

JT did seem to be doing well with the women at one point, with a small harem surrounding him. I will have to check to see if he got lucky.

Just as I called a cab, Misty made friends with Cloudy! who was a friend of wet and windy... I wish I could have stayed, but it's amazing how sobering a stomach ache can be. The cab was waiting for us outside (a first!) and the driver was remarkably friendly. He also had a SatNav kit in the car... a uber kewl toy. as he pulled up outside the house he pressed a button and my address appeared on the screen. I really love technology... it gives me technojoy!!

Saturday I felt a little better... I'll not go into any detail, but it did involve hours in the smallest room in the house. GM had dropped off le guillotine... probably about 10 (he's a sucker for punctuality) and neither Misty or I had been awake.

After cleaning the fish tank (a weekly task now) and changing half the water we went and got some more guppies. They were on special offer!... and we got 3 for a fiver. That brings the total to 5 guppies, a newt and a pleco (plus a free shrimp, but I believe he's already become lunch). We also got some tester kits to make sure the water is good, but I haven't got round to using one yet.

The plan was to go to Mum's and work on the website/favours for the wedding. At the same time we'd be keeping Mum company as Dad and Jo were away for the weekend. The plan was only partially successful. The favours hit a sticky point when the dimensions couldn't be confirmed, and after helping with the favours, I got next to nothing done for the website. There's always this weekend I guess....

Bianca is going through one of her phases. This one is particularly annoying! Everything she's told or asked she'll question. Tell her to stop, and she'll ask why. Tell her to go to bed, she'll ask the time. She'll do just about anything to make sure she's the centre of attention, if that attention is some screaming at her to do as she's told.

Sunday was a productive day. After a slightly later start that initially planned I did the ironing whilst Misty did some gardening.

It was just after dinner that Misty decided to perform a little surgery on her hand... with a rhubarb tin! It was quite nasty, and I think it shocked her a little. After sitting her down with paper towel on the cut, and her hand on her head, I popped into Mum's for some bandages.

So yesterday I worked from home, so I could look after Misty too! It meant I had to do the washing up too... although I'm sure Misty wouldn't take advantage of the situation... would she?

After getting quite a lot done, Jim called. I haven't had a chance to speak to him properly for what seems to be ages, so we spent about an hour gossiping on the phone. He should be living just down the road for a while... so maybe I'll get to see him in the next couple weeks for a beer/chat.

I've been volunteered for some extra responsibilities at work... that's always nice innit? So to answer a question that cham posed in a recent entry: No, I don't think there is a person who wakes up and says "another day of work bliss," at least you'll never hear that from me!

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teya_uk From: teya_uk Date: September 9th, 2003 08:24 am (UTC) (Link)
... or me ... but hey, the shite job pays for the techy stuff - SatNav in the TT we'll be collecting on Friday :o)
paranoidandroid From: paranoidandroid Date: September 10th, 2003 02:00 am (UTC) (Link)
Your new car will have SatNav? Damn - now I'm envious!
teya_uk From: teya_uk Date: September 10th, 2003 02:15 am (UTC) (Link)
Yep, least I won't get the blame for getting us lost anymore ... but I'm more likely to play with the heated seats button ... give Richard a toasty bum :o)
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