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Two Guppies and a Sunday Lunch - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Two Guppies and a Sunday Lunch
Another weekend flies past. I think it might be something to do with staying in bed for half the day but the weekends have been getting shorter.

I'll start with Thursday. Last Thursday of the month means the "Happy Hour" at work; which is neither particularly happy, nor lasts for an hour, but there is free beer so who cares what the hell it is called. It was also Stoney's (who doesn't like being called Stoneman) leaving bash. Stoney had smuggled his missus (to be) into the happy hour, so when Misty arrived at about 8 I "smuggled" her in too. No point in us waiting down the pub for the rest of them to get their arses in gear!

About 8:30ish we left for the "Liquid Lab." This is a wannabe theme pub that serves "drinks" in syringes and charges a packet for a pint of beer. It also has a couple of "doctors" chairs - I always thought they were supposed to be called dentists chairs. After a couple of expensive beers in there, and after repeatedly asking the barman if he minded if I stole one of his 4' flowers for my missus, we moved out and found a normal pub.

By this time I had run out of funds, so a quick jog up the road to the hole in the wall was in order. On the way I met my boss, the Pink One. She had just finished work (we are soooo busy) and was getting a bus home. I tried to convince her that a drink before home-time was a good idea, but she declined.

When I got back to the pub (Finches I believe it's called) I complained to the manager (landlord?) that the live music had ended already. There are damn few pubs that have any decent live music, and I was really disappointed we'd missed it. The manager was a damn good chap, and offered to purchase me a drink of my choice if I came back next Thursday to check out the live music,,, I think I might take him up on that offer!

Our journey home was surprisingly uneventful, (strange how the papers the following day were describing travel chaos by the London blackout) until we got to Barking. The District line was delayed ... by about 3/4 of an hour! So we opted for a taxi ride home instead.

Friday was a rough day. I must have drunk a few Thursday night because I haven't felt that rough in an age! My journey into work was a complete nightmare. The power cut from the previous night (all 50 minutes of it) meant that none of the trains were in the right place, and to top it all off nicely the signals at Whitechapel were buggered. This meant that my train got to about 25 yards from Westham, stopped and didn't move for about an hour. When it finally did get into the station (and I got off - because there is nothing like the helpless feeling of sitting on a train that's between stations when you need to be getting somewhere) I saw a line of trains in both directions all backed up. It was obvious that tube travel was not the way to go that morning.

After a quick call to work I grabbed a C2C train to Fenchurch Street, and walked in. The walk only half helped my hangover, I was still feeling very shitty when I finally got into work about 12:00. I didn't spend lunchtime down the pub - that's how bad I felt. I did check out LJ, of course, because there is nothing like LJ to make you feel better. I found a new client (as per my previous post) and downloaded it to my phone.

After spending much time working, but getting very little done, I made my way home. The Hammersmith line was totally buggered still (more signal faults?) and after a try at the district line from Bank I realised the only sensible route home was via Romford.

When I got back to Liverpool Street I made my first update "in loco" so to speak (it's a protected entry - I like to test these things before I unleash them on the masses!). It's not quite as fantastic as it would first seem, but it may come in handy once in a while. I got home about 9:30

It was cold this weekend. I switched the heating on temporarily and managed to trip the heating system. I didn't realise it at the time, but that's when it happened. Misty notes that there was no hot water when we go to bed.

Saturday we woke up and Misty reports that there is still no hot water. I look at the boiler in that way you look at something you have no true understanding of, hoping that the fact of me looking at it will shame it into working again. It didn't fix itself. There was a flashing indicator and a red light (always a bad thing no?). The indicator said "0.1 bar" Now I remember a little from my physics classes, and bar is a measure of pressure. Something was not at the required pressure. The only things that go into the boiler are water and gas, and the water pressure seemed fine to me. Therefore, the gas Pressure was low: QED

I try to call my gas supplier. Their offices don't open on the weekend, the automated voice tells me to call back on Monday unless there is a gas leak, in which case I have to call the emergency number. I fret about calling the emergency number. I call my mum who tells me to call the emergency number. I speak to my neighbours (who seem to have no trouble with their gas connection) and I worry that there really is a gas leak. I call the emergency number.

The guy arrived within the hour - they obviously take this gas leak lark very seriously! He tested the gas supply and it was fine. He checks out the boiler. He falls about laughing.
1 bar turns out to be a shit load of pressure... gas supplies are nowhere near that sort of level. He informs my ignorant arse that it's probably the pressure inside the radiator system that is low. The new boilers don't need a header tank (this I knew already) because they are a sealed system, but the seal is never perfect, and the pressure will drop over time. I needed to top up the radiator system.

I apologise for wasting his time, and he seemed okay about the whole thing... I wonder how many other idiots have made the same mistake... (just me? - oh well.)

I re-read the manuals (that are of no help at all) and then I go back and stare at the boiler again. I notice a note stuck on the side of the boiler, it has a picture of the flashing indicator and of a tap. I look at all the inputs and outputs, all of which seem to have taps, but none of which seem to look like the one I want. I get down on my knees ... perhaps to pray, except of course I don’t, and then I notice another tap... one remarkably similar to the one in the diagram... right up in the belly of the beast. I gingerly turn it, and there is the sound of flowing water, and surely enough the flashing indicator slowly changes from 0.1 to 0.2 ...

I open the tap a few more turns and the pressure increases ... at 0.9 the indicator stops flashing, and the boiler sparks into life... I turn the tap off at 1.0 (the diagram has a tick next to this number). We have hot water again!

After a shower and breakfast we go shopping. Misty gets some baking tins and we get a couple more fish. We also get a heater (because the nights will be getting colder) and a siphon gravel filter cleaner type device. The fish seem to like their new home, the current residents seem to resent the new neighbours!

Sunday was spent at the 'rents. Bianca was trying her hardest to get a good beating, but my parents are resigned to just arguing with her. It's enough to drive one to drink. After doing a jigsaw puzzle, a crossword puzzle, having lunch and tea, and watching a film the day was gone. It was nice to spend the time with them - I really don't get to see them that often even if we do live just 5 minutes away.

Stoney's last day today, and with that the usual leaving speeches and lunchtime drinks. Another "Romford-er" bites the dust, and another to follow before the week is out. I wonder who will follow...

Current Mood: apathetic.

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tweezlebum From: tweezlebum Date: September 1st, 2003 11:14 am (UTC) (Link)
It was *so* not 8:30 when we left. I didn't get there until 8, you know. It was well past 9:30 when we got to Liquid Lab, and we left there about half an hour later.
topkat From: topkat Date: September 2nd, 2003 12:58 am (UTC) (Link)
I reckon that could be me.....once I've got my bonus of course ;o)
teya_uk From: teya_uk Date: September 2nd, 2003 01:27 am (UTC) (Link)
Can I come too please? Especially if it's Chelmsford employment!
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