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wet work in the USSR - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
wet work in the USSR
I've been reading Tom Clancy's latest[?] novel; Red Rabbit. It's your usual Anglo/American/Soviet spy thriller, set in the mid 80's (I'd guess: Thatcher and Reagan are in power). I'm quite addicted to it reading for an hour or more into work , then again on the way home.

The book delves deeply into the lives and the risks of "spooks," and I was totally absorbed. So last night, when a random stranger tapped me on the shoulder and asked if it was a new book in a thick accent I was totally freaked out! It was fiction come to life. He must have thought me a total paranoid idiot as I bumbled my way through my reply.

I guess I'd never make a good spy.

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