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Sensibleness - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
The long weekend was not as pleasant as it could have been.

After a fab Friday night, Murph's leaving bash was every bit as enjoyable as Woody and the Fish's, I had something of a panic attack on the way home. My left side felt numb and yet it hurt as well, a totally new sensation to me, and i was worried.

I was worried because I am not the most healthy specimen of humanity you will find. I didn't think I was a walking heart attack, but I do very little in the way of exercise, and even less in the way of heathly living. I was also pissed as a fart, and that made the potential threat to my health seem all the worse.

I blubbed.

Misty got me home, Saturday morning came, and all seems well ... at least for now. I am making a concerted effort to reduce my weekly alcohol intake, and maybe cutting down on the number of bags of crisps I eat in work. I've also started to walk to Aldgate station (now I know where it is) to come home.

I had some work duties outstanding that needed to be completed by first thing Monday, so I had planned on working from home. I found this to be a little tricky when I discovered my SecureID keyfob was still at work. I would need to travel in to get it, and it would be a waste of time to travel there and back, so I worked from the office on Saturday.

After a few hours I decided I had broken the back of it, and I'd finish it off at home on Sunday, remembering to grab my SecureID from my desk.

Sunday I logged in to find our helpdesk people have restricted file transfers into and out of the company to the point I was unable to work from home. You have only half a chance of realising just how mad that made me. The work was required by Monday morning, so it meant another trip into the office, this time for a couple hours work. I probably spent more time traveling than I did working. It's such a waste.

I met Misty in Romford on the way back, and we had a steak and saw a film, "Confidence," which I would recomend to you all (providing you don't mind a bit of swearing and occasional nudity).

Monday I finally got my day off. I did lunch (BBQ of course) and cleaned the fish tank. The occupants are still alive and well, so I must have done a resonable job!

Tuesday was a bastard of a day, what with work and drama, but ended about as well as any could hope for.

Today is not looking that much better, but no drama today, which has to be an improvement I guess.

Back to my addin'..

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From: (Anonymous) Date: August 27th, 2003 12:57 pm (UTC) (Link)

from snuggs

dear 1/2 of my favorite brit/american couple....thou shalt not fuck around with thy heart!!!!! i am speakin' from vast experience here, both in the panic attack arena and from the heart attack tent....have your dr. schedule you for an ekg and a stress test....it doesn't take long (it's quicker on men, they don't require the dye for some reason), and they'll be able to check for funky heart rhythms and blocked arteries....it's very simple and it buys peace of mind, not to mention keepin' misty from early and undeserved widowhood *g*....also, cut back on the crisps, cook only wiff olive oil, check the stores for a butter substitute (here in the states, there are several; i use *new balance*, designed to improve cholesterol numbers, the very thing that can cause clogged arteries...)...you may also want to look for egg substitutes...sounds bizarre, but there's stuff out there (egg beaters here in the states)that not only works but is tasty....a real bitch to do devilled egges wiff, tho'... *g*....trust me on this....i've had two heart attacks and three stints placed to the tune of a huge *uninsured* medical bill....and no real warnin' or family history....you've given my fishsticksistah yer heart, now go check to make sure it's a healthy one! (steps down off of soapbox) hugs and kisses to you both...


snuggs (")
teya_uk From: teya_uk Date: August 27th, 2003 02:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
No drama is good. And hopefully Tuesday's drama will have a happy ending? As for pains in side, you sure you just ain't twisted a muscle, thats what the doc said i'd done when it hurt to breath but my left side was also tingly and numb at the same time if that makes sense?

Would def like to see Confidence, maybe this weekend if I can tear the hubby away from his white notes. Go watch Pirates of the Caribbean tho, you'll like the action, and I reckon Misty might appreciate Orlando Bloom?
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