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Help the aged. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Help the aged.
Friday was a good day. Even the work was OK. Friday night was excellent - from the bit I remember! Claire and Andy left work on Friday. So the two leaving bashes kinda met up in Romford, and a great many drinks was had by all. People who'd left years ago was there, it was like a giant reunion, we must have taken up about 1/4 of the pub. After the pub had closed, some went on for a curry - but I was wise !! and I went for fish n chips instead. A couple of us went back to Dave's to eat our supper, and I did the whole "trying to play keyboards pissed" thing again. He annoyed the hell outa me by not only being able to play drunk - but he plays better than I can sober! We ordered a couple cabs, mine turning up after about 1/2 an hour! ... I got all the way home - before I realised I'd left my phone at Dave's. ... SO I ask the cabby to drive me back - and he demands to see how much money I've got! .. ffs it's about a £6 fair ... - so I wave a 20 under his nose and he drove me back to Dave's so I could pick up my phone.
I'm not sure quite how - but he only charged me £8 for the whole journey - so I think he diddled himself somewhere along the way. I gave him a tenner anyway.
I managed to wake my mother by trying to make tea. I think it was about that point I realised just how intoxicated I really was. It was reinforced when I got online and tried to type. So I had an idea! I gave Misty a call! It's always so good to hear her voice. I'm not sure what time I actually got round to calling her, but we was on the phone till gone 4, and I had started to sleep by that point.
I then fell asleep on the chair. I woke up about 8 with a crick in my back, and went to bed. I think I managed to sleep about 95% of yesterday. I got up about 12:00 ... had a spot of lunch, watched about 15 seconds of snooker in the front room, and fell back asleep. Mum kindly woke me at 9:00 for some tea and cheese on biscuits, and I managed to stay awake for about an hour, and I fell asleep again.

I think I'm getting old

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Current Music: Lou Reed - Sunday Morning

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