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All's well that ends well? - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
All's well that ends well?
I still have a job! ... There's is going to quite a lot of trouble between the company I work for and the IT company we outsourced to, but, I think I've managed to get out of it all. I'll let you know if I thought wrong!

Apart from that minor excitement this morning, today has been good. I got lots of nasty jobs out of the way. I got some high profile jobs finished, so my boss thinks I'm worth keeping.

I played 5-a-side this evening. except there was only 8 of us - so that should be 4-a-side. It was particularly knackering. I managed to score a goal again tho. That's the second time on the trot! We drew 10-10 ... which was a fair assessment of the game. The sides were well matched.
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