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I woke up at a more reasonable time of 9 ths morning. The relative… - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
I woke up at a more reasonable time of 9 ths morning. The relative peace and quiet after Ian and Gary have gone is amazing. After a leasurely tea, and a big breakfast, we popped back into yarmouth for what would seem the last time, and got some tat for the folks back home. I have managed to get something for everyone back home, whether they like it or not will be discovered when I get back. Gary had some trouble finding something for his dad, so I left him in town and made my way back to the boat. We set off shortly after he arrived and headed west from Yarmouth back towards Wroxham where we started, the weather beautifully sunny, but anoyingly windy. We managed to get back to the windmill store, and what used to be the stacy arms. Gary shocked everyone, including his mum, by having a chicken burger, rather than a cheese burger at the pub. I had a "surf n turf" scampi and steak meal, and a couple pints of Green King Abbott Ale. We came back to the boat in darkness, the light had almost gone and the muddy bank looked black. Gary is in full TV mode, I'll wait for the buzzcocks to come on then I'll head off to bed with a book.
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