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Monday, Monday, can't trust that day - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Monday, Monday, can't trust that day
Monday is a nasty way to start the week...

The weekend was quite enjoyable. Friday night, after a meal in the Spoons, the "Missus" and I went to see Identity. It's an interesting film, and I enjoyed it muchly. It's a bit of a nail bitter at times, and there's a point in the film where all becomes a lot more apparent, but there was still a nice sting in the tail...

Saturday was a busy day. After dad arrived a little later than we arranged, he and I started bricking up the outside door to the shed. The idea is to had the opening to that area in the kitchen so we can have somewhere out of the way to put the washing machine and tumble dryer. It'll also serve as a bit of a broom cupboard and perhaps a coat cupboard too. Once this is sorted the way is open to start the electric’s and the kitchen and decorating in general.

Saturday night was kareoke night at the Albert. It was absolutely packed as the pub's football team was doing a presentation having won the league and the cup this year. The quality of singing was up to it's usual standard, which is totally awe-full (it really does fill me with awe!) the highlight being some no brain-er singing "deeply dippy". He had no sense of time, or rhythm, or tune for that matter. He thought he should just "sing" the words as they appeared on the screen (as opposed to when they change colour) in any tune that popped into his head. It was painful. As usual Neil was stripping and sweating alternately and the "ladies" were making a fool of him.

Sunday started very late. After a quick bout of "EVE" where I was blown up yet again loosing my new ship and shiny new gun, we made it round to the 'rents for dinner. After a little mindless TV and a chat to mum and we came home to watch a film and drink some liquor! Misty made some bread and we ordered next weeks shop online (perhaps unsurprisingly we've run out charcoal for the BBQ!) and watched hollow man.

This morning required us to take a trip to the registry office to make notice for the wedding. Apart from swiping 60 notes from me they tested me too. I had to know Misty's full name and her occupation! (I thought she was a full time bum - but it turns out that's the same as student.) After I had given all the answers, they asked Misty to repeat them... I think I should have asked to go second or something!

So the wedding is now set.

Getting into the office a couple hours late and it seems all hell is breaking loose. A man who shall remain nameless (but his first name rhymes with bike and he shares a last name with a labour prime minister who resigned in 1976.) was kicking up a tempest in a tea cup over his 80 lines of conversion when the other thousands of lines where all signed off Friday. I fixed his silly 80 lines of code in about 15 minutes and he's a happy bunny at last.

Current Mood: too busy to be writing this!
Current Music: The Mama's and the Papa's in my head

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