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The Easter Weekend... - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
The Easter Weekend...
Wow ... what a lot of nothing going on in my life right now. And for a lot of nothing there sure is enough to keep me busy. Work is as ever keeping me on my toes. I've had to work on Friday, and I will need to work some more tomorrow. I hope this project goes well because they surely can't give me a zero pay rise 3 years on the trot... and my next pay rise will no doubt be affected considerably by my performance in this project.

I went a bit mad of Friday. (no nasty jokes please!) The chair I was using in the office was a bit of an arse number [sp?], so in my infinite wisdom I decided to move stuff that should be in the office into the office! This included the chair I'm now sat on, which is very comfy and doesn't numb my arse at all, and the filing cabinet. I also moved my single bed upstairs so the living room doesn't look like a junk yard any more! The actual moving of all that stuff was surprising easy, with the exception of the filing cabinet. To give a fair idea of the magnitude of the task, it is about 5' tall, 2.5' deep, 2' wide and weighs about as much as my sister. Now I'd easily be able to get my sister up the stairs, but she's not built to those dimensions!

I thought I may be able to pull it up the stairs, but I was unable to get a decent grip on it. So I pushed it up the stairs. This wasn't as difficult as it could have been, the cabinet has a flat back with almost nothing to catch on the stair carpet. After a little trouble I managed to slide some cardboard under the top of it and slide the cabinet up the cardboard. Flipping it end over end at the top of the stairs seems to have done it little harm in as much as it still opens and stuff.

Strangely I felt compelled to not eat meat on Friday. I'm sure this is all my mothers fault, but me - a practising Atheist - observed Good Friday by eating vegetable soap and cheese on crackers. My mind boggles.

I decided I would do no "work" work yesterday, after all I do need some time on the weekend for me! I sorted my CD's out instead. It meant finding lots of CD's I hadn't heard for an age (any one else remember "Drowning in Berlin" by the Mobiles?) and playing them loudly! I wonder if my neighbours are still my friends...

Due to Misty's absence from the net, I actually watched some TV. There was an interesting documentary called Blairs Gamble, followed by a tribute to Queen (one of the all time greatest rock bands in my rather humble opinion!) Not a total waste of time, which is very surprising for Saturday night TV. More surprising still this was on Channel 4, not originally known for it's intellectual content

Today has been a very standard Sunday. I wake up about 9, sod around on my puter (which is now nicely in it's case!) and wait for the phone call from Mum to let me know what time Sunday dinner will be. About 3:00 I wander round to the 'rents and eat dinner with them. After dinner I catch up on all the developments of the week, and usually watch a film with dad. (Today was Jurassic Park)

And now it's Monday... and I should go to bed.

Current Mood: knackered
Current Music: Siouxie & the Banshees - The Last Beat of My Heart

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filterfactor From: filterfactor Date: April 20th, 2003 04:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
ah- who can deny
"Fat Bottomed Girls" , "Bicycle Race", or "Spread Your Wings"???

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