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All change please ... - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
All change please ...
There is an ancient Chinese curse. It says "May you live in interesting times" Why do I tell you this? ... Because it would seem I'm going to be living in interesting times! My boss has resigned. I am to get a new boss. I've known this for about 4 weeks now ... but I only found out today who my new boss is going to be. Rather than give our section a new boss, they have split the section up and allocated us to existing managers else where within the company. Tony and I will be working in the expenses department, for Peter. I have been assured that I will continue to do the same job - I'll just report to someone else and sit somewhere else. I can cope with that.
It might not seem that way to the untrained eye - but I actually like my job. I have a great sense of pride for what I do. That's probably why I get so annoyed when I'm forced to do quick and dirty fixes because someone cant be bothered to tell me what's really wrong, or they do tell me what's wrong, but without letting me know what's *right* so I have no clear goal to aim for.
My main worry is - Peter will try and change my job so I can do some of his departments work. I have worked in an accounts department before. I managed to escape. I do *not* want to end up working in an accounts department ever again in my life. It's dull repetitive work. A trained monkey could do most of it. I crave new challenges. I will be having a little chat with my new boss to be on Tuesday morning.
Apart from that - work has been a relaxed today. I have got over several stumbling blocks in a new database we're writing for the fund managers. I have found the missing entries from a 6 month old reconciliation that *no-one* seems to have touched, except from the fact that 120 items suddenly disappear and the rec doesn't balance any more. I taught someone in the banking department how to fit 2.4Mb of data on to only one floppy disk (may I present WinZip .....). I created a new matrix from the project I finished yesterday, which has saved someone about 4 days work a month. All this was accomplished with enough spare time to search for lyrics to Beatles songs on the Internet and post amusing messages on LJ.

I put my new PC together tonight. It's *luvly* ... unfortunately it doesn't have anything installed on it yet, so I have to use my old one to post here ... I will have to spend Friday morning getting that sorted. Then it'll be fun fun fun!!!

Current Mood: high high

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xstarkittenx From: xstarkittenx Date: April 11th, 2001 05:44 pm (UTC) (Link)

**hey loftangelzz**

this is a lil comment i'm gonna try and put in everyonez LJ... Pleeeze come and post in the loft community! It would be so fab for us all to chat wiv each other again cause i miss you all so muchos!!! The Loft used to be such a wikkid place for us all to chat and i think it was a mint idea of YummY's to set this up for us!

*~~hugz to all da loftangelzz~~*


tweezlebum From: tweezlebum Date: April 11th, 2001 06:18 pm (UTC) (Link)

Don't those poor fools know that they're in the presence of the Data God? You're amazing, my love.
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