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Mr House Husband - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Mr House Husband
I spent a lot of the weekend cleaning the house. I don't *think* I'm a particularly messy person, but the kitchen and living room does seem to get in one awful mess during the week. It didn't help that I seem to mess things up as I tidy... that and when ever I seem to do the laundry it rains. Due to this level of bad luck (just ask Misty about my level of luck at cards this weekend!) I have bought an airier. I will probably get funny looks carrying it home on the bus, but at least I'll be able to dry stuff even if it's raining.

My luck on Friday night wasn't so bad. Half way through the evening I met up with Mr Binks. He gave me tips for the last 6 races, 5 of which came home! if the fifth had come home I would have won about £50 on my roll up bet. As it was, I had to do with a win of £18 on the last race that just about covered my meal and drinks bill. A free night of entertainment, not something you can grumble about!

I visited the 'rents yesterday. I am getting into the habit of just seeing them once a week. This is not such a bad thing, it's nice to catch up with them on Sundays. Mum fell in love with my washing machine, so she's going to get one to replace theirs... and it's about time too. We worked out that they've had theirs for 23 years now. No wonder it's leaking and the rust is about the only thing holding the innards together. It'll be delivered on Thursday, and I have the unenviable task of helping Dad get it into the kitchen. When dad fitted the cabinets he didn't really allow for moving things like fridges and washing machines in and out, they have to be lifted to about waist height. Now the fridge freezer wasn't so bad, but the washing machine is going to be very bloody heavy.

Note to self: Bradley want's to borrow "The Green Mile" - bring it in with you tomorrow.

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