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You take the high road.... - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
You take the high road....
Another busy day at work. I need to win the lottery and take a year or two off.

When I got home on Monday I found that my micro brewery had been delivered. I can now brew my own beer! :) I immediately started a batch brewing, and it will be ready for consumption in 14 or so days. The makers suggest I wait for 21 days, but there is very little chance of that! :)

I had a meeting at lunchtime about the Caledonian Challenge. The presenter tried his level best to put us all off taking part, but I think our little team of Four here in Romford will be competing. I have looked at the prices of some of the kit it was suggested we take and it came out to about £400... Perhaps looking around the market will find me some cheaper (and poorer quality) kit. Whilst on the subject of the challenge, I will be asking those people I know in the real world to sponsor me! I think walking 52 miles in 24 hours over a mountain range in the Highlands of Scotland is worth a few quid each, so get your cheque books and wallets out!

As I managed to get in before 10 today, I'm going home now.

Current Mood: Busy

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