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Welcome back LJ! - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Welcome back LJ!
Hoorah!! I can update from work again. Since the DDoS last week I have been unable to access LJ in any way what so ever. I never realised how much I rely on LJ to keep up with you people out there!

I had a busy week last week (at work) and a busy weekend! The work was all dull so I'll spare you tales Oracle COA's and "spurious postings" what ever the hell they are!

Matt called me on Friday. He had finished assembling the model car chassis he'd left in my care until a couple of weeks ago. The model was missing a motor, wheels, speed controller, radio receiver and servos. I agreed to go shopping with him on Saturday.

Saturday we travelled to Enfield to the hobby shop. This store is like an Aladins cave to the likes of me. Matt spent the best part of 400 notes, and I was tempted by a few bits and ended up spending nearly £40. Like the little children we are inside we hurried back to fix the bits up! After some really nice pizza (thanks hun! >w<) and a bottle of Hoegarrden each we raced our new cars around the back garden. Having the garden completely paved does have it's uses! Before long it was getting dark so I switch the flood light on, and we had a floodlit race course marked out on the paving! I blame the bad light for me driving my car at some pace into the clothes line and breaking my front suspension beyond repair. A trip back to the store will be in order to get some replacement bits (hopefully cheaply!) By the time Matt had left (with my coat!) it was too late to do the laundry as I had previously planned, so I watched a DVD (Blade II) and had another couple of beers.

Sunday I woke a little late (about 11) and had just stripped the bed (with the intention of doing my laundry) when my sister called. She was heading out to 'nam with devil spawn for a game of 10 pin bowling. Would I like to join her. Now I really like bowling, and a quick game before lunch appealed to me (enough to put up with the prospect of spending time with the spawn of Satan!) As usual not everything went quite to plan. Rather than a couple of games we had 3. This wasn't too bad because DS was remarkably well behaved and I was playing quite well considering I wasn't used to the lanes and I was using a house ball with holes the size of the channel tunnel. It transpired that Jo was going to the Pizza Hut just down the road. This gave me three options. 1) Stay and eat pizza, 2) Stay and drool while my sister ate pizza, 3) Make my own way home.

I stayed for pizza (the second option was not a very realistic one was it?) The place was almost empty when we got there (fab) but by the time my sister had ordered 3 lots of starters it was filling up to the point where our server was looking after about 15 tables full of hungry animals. It took us about 3 hours from sitting down to paying the bill. the pizza was good, but any hopes of me getting back and doing anything around the house was non existent!

I went back to my 'rents and we caught up on the weekly gossip. One of my uncles arrived and we caught up on about 3 years of gossip. Misty called wondering where the hell I was as she hadn't had sight nor sound of me in 3 days! My uncle left and then mum chatted my ear off for a further hour or so .... I got home about 11 o'clock.

I'm off to the 'rents now as I have just had a parcel delivered... I'm all excited ! :)

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