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I can't be poorly *again*! - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
I can't be poorly *again*!
I've not been very well. I think my mad cleaning spree on Friday was not such a good idea, Saturday I felt worse, Sunday I just about managed to get round to the 'rents for dinner, and Monday I spent the entire day in bed. Thank LinkSys for wireless networks (and Dell for the laptop of course!) The food front at home is looking bleak. I opened the last tin of soup on Saturday, and yesterday I ate a packed of cheesy pretzels, because that was all the food that was instantly available in the house. I need to go shopping.

I'm back in work today, although the amount of work that I've got done is close to minimal. This is partly due to TD emailing me 400 times, partly the other 400 junk emails I get a day, and partly because I'm apathetic and really can't get my mind in gear to actually start on the 4,000 tasks I need to get done by last Thursday. (Ok - I may exaggerate a little!)

I took a long lunch break today (not to go anywhere, but to play on my website). I played with my DVD list, it allows you to list movies by letter. This makes it slightly faster! I want to create pages of titles, so there are no more that 10 movies shown per page... None of what I have tried so far works very well (it's about as slow as loading everything, that's no good at all!)

The powers that be at work have crippled our email so that "no nonbusiness email" will be allowed. All attachments that are not Office documents are deleted. A pop-up when entering our mail system (Notes) informs us that the mail is not for personal use, and mail can and will be read by the IT people on a random basis. Hopefully my webmail will be up and working soon, so all mail can be sent there instead!

In about an hour I shall be going to the pub... I'm hoping the alcohol will kill some of my germs and allow me to have a good nights sleep tonight. I can dream...

Current Mood: sick sick

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teya_uk From: teya_uk Date: February 18th, 2003 09:05 am (UTC) (Link)
hope you feel better soon hunny .. but if you don't .. please please please don't breathe too close to me?? I don't wanna be ill on Saturday :o(

you should internet food shop .. get tesco to deliver to ya
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