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Is it spring yet? - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Is it spring yet?
I started spring cleaning the house today.

I woke up with a cold, phoned in sick, and sat on my bed looking around the dump that is my bedroom, and I couldn't stand it any longer. I decided to clean it... and then I got downstairs and the living room was a dump and the kitchen was a dump, so I decided to clean them too. And do the washing. And iron all the clean clothes sitting in a pile in the living room.

I also fixed the rotary washing line.

It's not entirely finished, there is still some washing up in the bowl (this evenings meal only!) and there are a couple piles of "stuff" by the stairs that needs a new home, and there's a load or cardboard in the kitchen that needs to be bagged up for the dustmen to take away next Thursday, but I'm just about cream-crackered so that's it for today.

As a side note, I still feel like crap, my nose won't stop running and I've have a dry tickle of a cough.

I have a new game for the PC... it's called "Mind your Marbles" and it's frustratingly simple and addictive, yet hard as hell too! Whilst you are moving your marbles around a 9 by 9 board trying to line up five of the same colour it keeps adding new marbles! All the while it plays this tune which is so reminiscent of the early nineties "Demo groups" sound. The music is credited to Jacek "Falcon" Dojwa, whose name or handle doesn't ring a bell with me.

I like it so much I left my PC playing it all day while I did my chores!

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished
Current Music: Mind your Marbles Theme - Jacek "Falcon" Dojwa

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