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Green Christmas... - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Green Christmas...
No snow this year. This is not a great surprise as we rarely get snow until march, just when you think the weather should take a turn for the best! It's very mild too, walking home from Mum's last night at nearly midnight was very pleasant.

Christmas Eve:
I had to work in the morning. I got in and found a bottle of wine on my desk from (cute) Roy (he's a nice guy!) About 12:30ish a few of us went to the pub. No-one from my side of the office could make it there, but big Ada, Jennifer and The Colonel. After being thrown out of the pub at 3:30(!) I went to Mum's.

Christmas Day:
I woke up late (I've been watching the "I Love Eighty-?" series on BBC2. So many good memories, shame the program is on until 2 o'clock in the morning! I got to Mum's just before midday. Dad had got a new VCR, and Bianca (D.S.) had got Ice Age on video, so just after I got there Dad suggested we watched it! I found out just after he'd started it that this was the second time that day he had seen it! It's a good animation, very funny, and I shall probably get it. (It'll be added to the wish list next time I'm browsing on Amazon!) I got a call from Misty during the film. She was chastising me for my choice in crimble gifts! I have no idea what she's on about! She told me she wanted a dancing willie!
Dinner was ready about 3:30. Mum always goes full out for crimble dinner! There was a choice of about 10 veg, 2 potato, 3 meats. You get the picture. After that I was so stuffed I hardly moved for the rest of the day!

Boxing Day:
Misty Arrived!! We managed to get to the airport on time, and to the right terminal so we (my sis and I) was there waiting for Misty when she got out. There was no freak snow storms, no traffic jams, and Misty's flight was not redirected to anywhere! Misty and I had our own little Christmas, opening cards and presents. I got electric gadets! So I'm as happy as a pig in poop!

Today I am in work again. Tonight I go to see Two Towers!

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Current Music: Depeche Mode - 101 - Things You Said

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