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Live music, Self abuse, and a damn good piss-up! - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Live music, Self abuse, and a damn good piss-up!
Friday night I saw spudgun play at the chinnerys in southend. It's their first gig in 6 months, so they were a tad nervous before going on. The gig was a good one, and I think they could well get a regular slot there. The next band on were quite good too, if a little samey. I had to leave half way through their set so I didn't miss my train home. On the train home a young girl sat opposite me. She might have been about 15-18, i can't tell these days, but she had hundreds of nasty scars accross the back of her hands. It saddens me to see people who hurt themseves like that.

Saturday I got up late. Misty called me from her dad's car, and I tried unsucessfully to make her blush .... I'm loosing my touch!

Yesterday was Paddy's 50th party. It was almost like a tuesday night drink, with the guys from work propped up against the bar talking bollocks (for the most part). The difference being the "other halfs" were there, except mine ... The bar was also free, and they had Greene King IPA on tap, so I got a little merry. Graham kindly offered me a lift home (although it was his wife who drove!) so I got home about midnight.

I then called Misty because thats what you should do when you've had a few drinks. >giggles<

Today I got up late again. It's been a slow day with me doing very little. I watched a film with dad, ate a large dinner, and spent the rest of the day chatting to my love.

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