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Off to the Firkin pub to have a Firkin ale .... - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Off to the Firkin pub to have a Firkin ale ....
A propper entry! Wednesday morning me and my sis went to pick Misty up from the airport. We arrived in good time, and got to international arrivals just before Misty was due to land. I had forgotten Misty's flight number, but there was only 2 planes due to land at 6:55 (or so I thought) , and I was pretty sure Misty wasn't coming from Huston! Where I went wrong was I ws at the wrong terminal. Misty had landed at the North Terminal, and me and my sis where waiting at the South :-/

After about an hour wait, and loosing 4 quid in a dodgy pay phone, Misty managed to get through to my mobile, and we picked her up. I wonder if any of Misty's flights here will ever go without a single hitch ... probably not!

I popped into work on Friday, just to make sure it's still there (which it is) although they have removed the bus-stop where i get my bus home! ... The finance team is down to 27 people (from 120) so I wonder how long my job there will last. I've missed *all* the fun! We also got some shopping done. Romford shopping centre looks like a de-militarised zone now!

We've been to see Lord of the Rings. It is a Fantastic film, and I recommend it to everyone, whether you've read the books or not. Of course - if you *have* read the books, you know how it's all gonna end up, but I still found some of the chase scenes tense and exciting. The effects are amazing, yet don't steal the show, after all - it is probably one of the best stories in it's genre, and the film is almost totally true to the story.

We're off to the Firkin to see Mauler, and have a beer or 10

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