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Fecking shyte systems - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Fecking shyte systems
It's 9:18 ... I'm still at work ... and the system is is fucked. I have been waiting for the sign-in to complete on one of our systems to complete since about 7:30. I have phoned our helpdesk. Are they any help? - Of course not. They tell me it's a password issue because the systems that seems to be hanging is ACF2 - and that's the security system - their answer is to it all : send an email to the security team and ask for my password to be reset. Of course - *I* can't send that request - that's not good for security - my departmental head has to send it - and the security admin team work 9 to 5. A lot of fucking use thats going to be! If I don't get into the system *tonight*, by 10:00, all of the print outs tomorrow will be crap. And *I'll* get a ton of shit for it. If they reset my password - I'm on the next train to maidstone to kill every one of the fuckers. Why can't helpdesks actually have *one* fucking person on them that actually know wtf they are doing? It is obvious to me, a lowly user, that the ferkin system is shagged - and needs some help. Desperately. But what do I know? - I'm only the person who understands that a delayed log-in is *not* a fucking password violation - but a sign the system is on it's way out. I would seriously like to be at home now ... I would seriously like to kill the stupid people at the other end of the telephone. I am not a very nice person to be in the same country in at the moment .....
Vent over ..... for now
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