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...like having your brain smashed in with a solid gold brick wrapped in a slice of lemon ... - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
...like having your brain smashed in with a solid gold brick wrapped in a slice of lemon ...
What a night. Not last night of course - but the night before. Where to start? Perhaps I should start with the smelly personal trainer who got jealous because the girl he brought along was trying to chat up someone else. Or the fact Matt got a tad spaced out, locked himself in a bedroom, and his girlfriend thinking he's taken someone else in there with him, braking down the door. Or the girl who'd drunk so much by midnight that she was in a coma for the rest of the night. Or that Matt's hi-if system packed up at about 5:00. The fact that the party was still going at 8:00. The fact I drunk more than enough beer to kill a small elephant, but still managed to not show myself up any. It was a good night.
Yesterday was not such a good day. You cant drink that much poison and expect everything to be all right the following day. Yesterday I paid for all my sins in full ... all my past sins - and any I might contemplate in the future. I was not a well bunny! But no sympathy is expected. It was all self induced. I got home about 8:00, drank a cup of tea, spent the next hour in the bathroom (and I wasn't freshening up) and slept till about 8:00, with only a brief couple of waking moments, awake just long enough to visit the bathroom again, and again.
Misty's giggles at 10:00 improved my life no end. There is no way you can feel bad whilst hearing something so sweet. I think I might have to keep her around <s>

My new PC died yesterday. Ask me how pissed of I am ... go on ....
I'm *fucking* pissed off !!
I tried to get online last night with my old machine - but it was in a funny mood; it wouldn't log in to my ISP. So I have spent most of this morning trying to get just *one* of my machines working. Was I successful? - Of course I was !! - I'm here aren't I?

Seems the graphics card in the new machine isn't working. I've tried every other combination - but whenever the G400 goes in - the machine wont boot. So I'll be onto Tiny tomorrow!
Well - I'm starving, so I'm off to eat something - speak soon.

Current Mood: refreshed refreshed
Current Music: 1 million sellers - radio 2

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